Whole Home Thermomix Bag

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Last week I submitted a rhyme I wrote, into a competition on the SkinnyMixers Facebook page. The first prize was a Whole Home Thermomix Bag. As I won this competition, I can now add Award Winning Poet to my long list of accomplishments…


My Jingle

It was the week before Christmas, and all through the house, I searched for my butterfly, even moving the couch.

The pavlova I planned, would be served after duck. But no butterfly meant I was royally f*****.

My mum was expecting a great Christmas feast, without that dam thing, I was facing defeat.

I cried and I prayed that the thing would appear, an online order won’t be here ’til new year.

So after I sadly accepted defeat, my 3 year old boasts he’s made me a treat.

The mud pie is pretty, all covered in shit, but the bit in the middle just makes me feel sick.

Covered in sticks, dog poo and clover. Is that butterfly I’d searched for over and over.

So crying and laughing, I accepted my pie. Cleaning everything lest no one will die.

My Prize

Thermomix Bag

My initial thought when I received my prize was “Where is it”. This was because the main part of the bag, which the Thermomix unit fits into, folds and fits into a separate carry bag. It wasn’t until I opened the carry bag, I discovered the separate compartment for the main unit. This compact design means storage space when not being used is easier. The carry bag also doubles as a bag for the Varoma. Clips and Velcro mean the carry bag attaches to the main unit bag, avoiding having two bags to carry at one time.

The second thought I had, was how well made it was. The quality of the material, stitching and zipper are really high. A lot of thought has been put into its presentation, making it a good looking bag. It has several  pockets, allowing the owner to take extra items along, such as recipe chips, butterfly, spatula and cook books, each having their own compartment, secured with Velcro to avoid items falling out and becoming lost.

My understanding of the Whole Home Thermomix Bag, was it was originally released in 2015, with other businesses quickly copying the design, (as well as the full website blurb from Whole Homes website). It’s this copying of design which leaves me to assume, the bag checked a lot of boxes for thought and creativity, (or lack thereof by the competition).

The Whole Home Thermomix bag overall is very impressive. I’m yet to take my Thermomix on any travels since winning, but I’m hoping to bring it to my mums house this Christmas. Mum is the anti-Thermomix-queen, getting it into her house is a challenge on its own, so it will be a case of ‘wait and see’ if the custard will be her recipe, or the automated Thermomix recipe.