Bread Proofers

If you live in one of the warmer states of Australia, bread proofing can be a cinch, just place the dough on your kitchen bench and an hour later it has formed into a bubbly dough, twice the size of that it was left. In the southern areas of the country where I live, this won’t happen in the winter months. A piece of dough can sit for hours without the slightest rise; what’s more it is also frequently threatened by the Australian wildlife, bugs and little children, if left too long unsupervised. Continue reading “Bread Proofers”

Kids Bead Bowl

Recently I set my boys the task of making this colourful melted bead bowl.  Usually they bicker and fight when being set a task together, but I found this activity in particular forced them to work together, with them being more focused on using their fine motor skills, they were distracted from upsetting one another. Continue reading “Kids Bead Bowl”

Sri Lankan Beef Curry

I love a spicy beef curry, full of flavour and taste. In winter I especially enjoy having my slow cooker running; filling my house with the delicious smells of a curry slowly being made. This recipe I have converted to be made fully in the Thermomix, the end result is a delicious curry, with tender meat and the perfect level of heat for me. Continue reading “Sri Lankan Beef Curry”

Sri Lankan Milk Toffee aka Kiri Toffee

Traditional Sri Lankan Sweet treat for dessert or midday reward. This chewy toffee with crunchy cashews will satisfy the sweet tooth in anyone.

Served as a dessert, Milk Toffee will appeal to the sweet tooth in the house, only a small portion will satisfy such taste buds. With a smooth caramel flavour and crunchy cashews, this is a nice occasional treat. Continue reading “Sri Lankan Milk Toffee aka Kiri Toffee”

Grass Egg Heads

Fun activity to keep the kids amused for days and weeks. Using eggshells create these cute characters in under ten minutes.

Cooking from scratch and making Egg Pan Hoppers regularly means I go through a lot of eggs. Eggshells have a multitude of uses, but a fun activity to do with the kids  is to make Grass Egg Heads. This activity takes under ten minutes to do, and requires very little maintenance afterwards to keep the hair growing. Continue reading “Grass Egg Heads”

Coconut Sambol

Coconut Sambol served with main meal. Provides extra spice and flavour. Alternatively use as dip with rice crackers or on buttered bread.

Coconut Sambol is used to complement Sri Lankan dishes. Normally served to the side of the main meal, it provides a bit of extra heat and flavour. I literally eat this straight from the Thermomix bowl, and it’s not unusual at times to see me eat this for breakfast on toast! It also can be eaten with rice crackers as an alternative to dip or straight on buttered bread. Continue reading “Coconut Sambol”

DIY Kids GoPro Activity

Template to create paper GoPro for Kids with instructions and tips. Hours of fun and entertainment, without damage to the hip pocket.

Both my toddlers love their dad’s GoPro camera. It doesn’t need to be switched on and recording; just pass it to one of them and watch the fighting begin. When it comes to the GoPro, there is no sharing, no taking turns, no peace and quiet. Our kids would sleep with it if we would allow. Continue reading “DIY Kids GoPro Activity”

1 Second Everyday, My Thermomix Journey

Video: My Thermomix journey using the 1 second everyday app. Some of my fails and triumphs while cooking with the Thermomix daily.

When I finally found my stride using the Thermomix, I didn’t want to lose the momentum. I had always found documenting or photographing anything I did always helped to keep me motivated, so I began to track my progress with my Thermomix using a 1 Second Everyday application. Continue reading “1 Second Everyday, My Thermomix Journey”