Kids Christmas Bauble Activity

Christmas Bauble

Last Christmas as a family activity, my boys and I made these stunning Baubles as part of a play-date. I was amazed at how beautiful and unique each bauble came out, surprisingly these were also quick to make. This activity will now be a tradition for us to do together each year.

The first time I made these, I purchased glass baubles. I would not recommend purchasing glass for this particular activity, the glass is very thin and breaks easily. As an adult I managed to break several when taking the cap on or off to decorate for myself, so the glass baubles won’t stand the test of time. Instead I would recommend buying the plastic equivalent from either ebay or Riot craft stores.

To Make These Baubles You Will Need.

  • Clear plastic baubles
  • Fixative Spray or glue that comes as an aerosol (also available at Riot)
  • Glitter
  • Paper or newspaper to catch the unused glitter

Preparing The Bauble

Prepare the bauble by taking the cap off and spraying the inside with the fixative spray or glue, making sure that the entire inside has been coated. If too much is sprayed and there is a puddle inside, tip the bauble upside down to allow the excess to pour out.

Adding The Glitter

Pour a small amount of glitter into the bauble and swirl it around a little. Don’t be over generous with the glitter, and don’t shake it. Shaking the bauble will result in a bauble of only one colour.

Tip the bauble onto its side, and add some more glitter of a different colour, swirl some more.

Repeat the process of adding glitter to the other sides of the bauble and swirling, until the whole thing is covered.


Clean Up

Tip out the unused glitter onto the paper to be reused for another activity. Allow the bauble to completely dry before placing the cap back on.

Tips and Tricks

If the bauble has some bald patches, wait until it has fully dried and spray extra Fixative Spray/Glue inside before adding some more glitter and swirling the glitter over the bald patch OR gently shaking to get those last few bits covered.

Fixative Spray is the same as aerosol glue, with a few more purposes. Outdoor chalk drawings or kids painting are made permanent, when applying the Fixative Spray, this protects them from the elements. It is also great on kids craft activities which are sometimes a little iffy regarding their structure, as it will stiffen up the entire artwork.

Alternatively to Fixative Spray or Aerosol Glue, mix 1 part water with 1 part PVA glue.