DIY Kids GoPro Activity

Template to create paper GoPro for Kids with instructions and tips. Hours of fun and entertainment, without damage to the hip pocket.

DIY Kids GoPro Activity

Both my toddlers love their dad’s GoPro camera. It doesn’t need to be switched on and recording; just pass it to one of them and watch the fighting begin. When it comes to the GoPro, there is no sharing, no taking turns, no peace and quiet. Our kids would sleep with it if we would allow.

But handing the camera over to the kids recently had to come to an end, when one of them broke Dad’s gorilla pod. For those that don’t know, a gorilla pod is a type of tripod, and boasts to be the strongest on the market. A spare that Chris owns has survived being driven over by his car. So for a two and four year old to break one is pretty impressive.

After 48 hours of constant requests, whining, crying and tantrums for their dad’s action camera, I came to a compromise and made them one each, using paper, glue, card and sticky tape. What’s more, I had some left over magnetic tape from some old invitations, which I stuck on the back of each GoPro, so the kids could attach the GoPro to our fridge, or anything else they wished to film from.

Making the camera for the kids took only a few minutes, but the hours of fun they have had since, has created a bit of quiet again in our house. What’s more, when they break one, tear it or get it wet, I can whip up a new GoPro in a few minutes. This particular bit of craft has been one of my kids favourites.

How to Make the GoPro

  1. Print the template onto a standard A4 sheet of paper
  2. Cut out the shape of the camera template
  3. Glue the shape onto some stiff card and allow to dry
  4. Cut out the shape from the stiff card
  5. Fold the GoPro shape into a small box, gluing or taping the tabs/flap inside.


If you need the camera to be a bit more ‘rugged’ try laminating it. This will also mean you can skip step 3

Tape magnets inside the GoPro, to allow kids to attach it to anything magnetic

Cut a hole in the base so an icy-pole stick can be inserted like a tripod.

icypole sticks gopro