Banana and Wheat Germ Smoothie

My Banana Wheat Germ Smoothie is a yummy alternative, to the sweet smoothies available. When diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes, this was a delicious alternative to keep my blood sugars in check.

When Bananas are cheap, I live on smoothies. They are convenient, taste great, and are mostly healthy. When I was pregnant with my first child, I loved the Wendy’s Banana Wheat Germ Smoothies however, I had to put a stop to this once I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes, and find a more healthy alternative that would keep my blood sugars in check, and the dietician off my back. Continue reading “Banana and Wheat Germ Smoothie”

Bread Proofers

If you live in one of the warmer states of Australia, bread proofing can be a cinch, just place the dough on your kitchen bench and an hour later it has formed into a bubbly dough, twice the size of that it was left. In the southern areas of the country where I live, this won’t happen in the winter months. A piece of dough can sit for hours without the slightest rise; what’s more, it is also frequently threatened by the Australian wildlife, bugs and little children, if left too long unsupervised. Continue reading “Bread Proofers”

Coconut Sambol

Coconut Sambol served with main meal. Provides extra spice and flavour. Alternatively use as dip with rice crackers or on buttered bread.

Coconut Sambol is used to complement Sri Lankan dishes. Normally served to the side of the main meal, it provides a bit of extra heat and flavour. I literally eat this straight from the Thermomix bowl, and it’s not unusual at times to see me eat this for breakfast on toast! It also can be eaten with rice crackers as an alternative to dip or straight on buttered bread. Continue reading “Coconut Sambol”