Christmas Toys – Giving The Gift Of Play

Christmas Toys and Catalogues… EVERYWHERE!

Normally at this time of year, letterboxes are brimming with catalogues, all of which are filled with Christmas Toys. Every one of these advertises the Hot or Must Have items for kids at Christmas. But this year, just like the last,  I am keeping the purchase of toys to a minimum. Instead, we are Giving the Gift of Play to my kids, with a renewed membership to their Toy Library.

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Christmas Fireplace

It’s meant to be bad luck to begin decorating your Christmas tree before December, but with my kids now reaching the age where they understand Christmas, it’s hard not to get excited early. It’s also harder to try and stick to the December 1 rule. So instead of risking the bad luck that comes with erecting a tree before December 1, I started on making some decorations in preparation for the date. My first activity is a Christmas Fireplace. Continue reading “Christmas Fireplace”


Why Origami

Origami is one of those activities I sometimes enjoy more than my kids, it’s a great activity to do when the weather is wet or cold outside, the animals and shapes we make usually leads to some other type of activity, such as a puppet show, or building a Zoo or Ark. Continue reading “Origami”

Kids Bead Bowl

Recently I set my boys the task of making this colourful melted bead bowl.  Usually they bicker and fight when being set a task together, but I found this activity in particular forced them to work together, with them being more focused on using their fine motor skills, they were distracted from upsetting one another. Continue reading “Kids Bead Bowl”

Grass Egg Heads

Fun activity to keep the kids amused for days and weeks. Using eggshells create these cute characters in under ten minutes.

Cooking from scratch and making Egg Pan Hoppers regularly means I go through a lot of eggs. Eggshells have a multitude of uses, but a fun activity to do with the kids  is to make Grass Egg Heads. This activity takes under ten minutes to do, and requires very little maintenance afterwards to keep the hair growing. Continue reading “Grass Egg Heads”

DIY Kids GoPro Activity

Template to create paper GoPro for Kids with instructions and tips. Hours of fun and entertainment, without damage to the hip pocket.

Both my toddlers love their dad’s GoPro camera. It doesn’t need to be switched on and recording; just pass it to one of them and watch the fighting begin. When it comes to the GoPro, there is no sharing, no taking turns, no peace and quiet. Our kids would sleep with it if we would allow. Continue reading “DIY Kids GoPro Activity”