About Me

About Kate Mum Needs Wine

Who am I

Hi I’m Kate, a 30 something mummy to two boys, living in regional Australia with my partner. I started this blog to record and share my fails and triumphs as a mum, a cook, a home business operator consulting in QuickBase and wine lover with no idea how to appreciate the difference between the good and bad stuff.

Why the Blog

Over the years I have learned that filming, and writing about my experiences has been the best way to track and recall my successes and fails with anything. So this blog is in many ways both for myself and you the internet.

What is the Blog About

I love to cook, and I love to cook from scratch even more. When in late 2014 I bought a Thermomix, I dramatically changed the way in which I cooked and catered for my family. Although I try not to be another cult member; talking constantly about my method of cooking. Thermomix recipe reviews and later recipe development are part of this blog.

I am also passionate about my kids, and everything relating to my kids. Routines, activities and sleep (or lack thereof) fills large parts of my day. Like many people when they become parents I swore I would will not become like others before me, where everything I discuss becomes about a child, and every decision taken revolves around my kids. Fail!!! And more so, a large portion about this site is about my experiences from being a mum. How I manage to find balance between work, family and time for myself, along with some of the comical fails I have had along the way.

Finally, there is the wine. Through this blog I hope to learn more about wine, educate myself a little more, and find out how to really know the difference between a good wine and a poor one.  My normal method of choosing a any wine has always been not to choose something too sweet like a Moscato, and nothing too heavy like a Shiraz. And always, it should be priced between $15 to $30.