1 Second Everyday, My Thermomix Journey

Video: My Thermomix journey using the 1 second everyday app. Some of my fails and triumphs while cooking with the Thermomix daily.

1 Second Everyday My Thermomix Journey

When I finally found my stride using the Thermomix, I didn’t want to lose the momentum. I had always found documenting or photographing anything I did always helped to keep me motivated, so I began to track my progress with my Thermomix using a 1 Second Everyday application. The 1 Second Everyday app allowed me to either film or photograph a second each day from my phone, and compile this into a little movie.

I originally came across the 1 Second Everyday application through my partner, who had tracked his previous year with it. Watching those short snippets from each day across 2014 was simply beautiful. In a five minute video I saw my baby grow from a newborn, to a little man with his own unique personality. I too had already begun filming my family, the initial goal was to film as much as I could without the kids, as some type of motivation to regain a little of my own life back (fail). So at the same time I decided to film a short thirty day project of what I cooked in my Thermomix.

My first 1 Second Everyday shot was the lasagne which helped me find my confidence with my Thermomix. This was the first meal I cooked with success, and was the turning point when learning a new style of cooking. Each day I set myself the goal of making something in the Thermomix, it didn’t have to be much, even grated cheese would do. Compiling it into a 1 Second Everyday film, also kept me on track, there was no “I’ll do it tomorrow” attitude.

1 Second Everyday also kept me trying new things constantly. There had to be variety in the video, as watching someone eat yoghurt every day can get a bit boring. This meant meal planning as a family, researching new options and trying different things in our diet became the norm. I was adamant that the 30 days of 1 Second Everyday would not become repetitive and boring.

So a month had passed and I hardly noticed. I was still enthused about filming my 1 Second Everyday, it was keeping me motivated, and at the time, it didn’t feel like a hard task to take a bit of time out each day. So I decided to do it for 90 days instead, that way if I wanted to later add music, a single song would last approximately 90 days. Then 90 days became six months.

At six months I decided I was done filming 1 Second Everyday. I had enough footage, I was motivated to use my Thermomix every day, and I was a bit over trying to be creative and different every time, after all there is only so many times you can take footage of food before it all seems the same. I compiled my movie, added music and shared it with the world, by posting it on one of my favourite Thermomix Facebook groups, as a way of showing my pride on how far I had come.

First 1 Second Everyday Video

Within 24 hours of my 1 Second Everyday video going public it had over 1000 views. I was shocked at the number. People on Facebook had shared and commented on it so many times, that I was unable to read every message, due to the sheer volume. What’s more, one of the Facebook bloggers which I loved and followed constantly, posted the YouTube link on her own private group.  I felt like a mini celebrity with an endorsement by her idol!

So with new motivation fuelled by positive feedback of absolute strangers online, I decided to continue filming my 1 Second Everyday. This time however I set myself no end date, if I bored of it in a month or two, I would end it there, yet I still liked the idea of a full year, and secretly held that as a final goal. I will admit in the last six weeks I compared it to the last six weeks of my pregnancies. I was over the journey and just wanted to see the end product, yet still not quite ready to wrap things up until the final date.

Second Thermomix Journey Video

To date I have had over 4,500 views of my 1 Second Everyday video, with viewers not just within Australia, but every corner of the globe. However there will not be a sequel for 2016. Filming my cooking every day, 365 days a year became more of a task than a fun activity for me. So I have retired that particular activity, to follow other adventures and journeys, many of which tie into Mum Needs Wine.