Banana and Wheat Germ Smoothie

My Banana Wheat Germ Smoothie is a yummy alternative, to the sweet smoothies available. When diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes, this was a delicious alternative to keep my blood sugars in check.

When Bananas are cheap, I live on smoothies. They are convenient, taste great, and are mostly healthy. When I was pregnant with my first child, I loved the Wendy’s Banana Wheat Germ Smoothies however, I had to put a stop to this once I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes, and find a more healthy alternative that would keep my blood sugars in check, and the dietician off my back. Continue reading “Banana and Wheat Germ Smoothie”

Christmas Toys – Giving The Gift Of Play

Christmas Toys and Catalogues… EVERYWHERE!

Normally at this time of year, letterboxes are brimming with catalogues, all of which are filled with Christmas Toys. Every one of these advertises the Hot or Must Have items for kids at Christmas. But this year, just like the last,  I am keeping the purchase of toys to a minimum. Instead, we are Giving the Gift of Play to my kids, with a renewed membership to their Toy Library.

Continue reading “Christmas Toys – Giving The Gift Of Play”

Modifying a Chicken Egg Incubator to Proof Bread

In my blog I recently spoke of using a chicken egg incubator as an alternate to the Brod and Taylor Folding Bread Proofer. My logic behind using a chicken incubator, was the cost to purchase was far less than the $400 price tag of the Brod and Taylor.

The chicken incubator however needed modifications before being used. The end result is now a near perfect device, which suits my needs. Continue reading “Modifying a Chicken Egg Incubator to Proof Bread”

Christmas Fireplace

It’s meant to be bad luck to begin decorating your Christmas tree before December, but with my kids now reaching the age where they understand Christmas, it’s hard not to get excited early. It’s also harder to try and stick to the December 1 rule. So instead of risking the bad luck that comes with erecting a tree before December 1, I started on making some decorations in preparation for the date. My first activity is a Christmas Fireplace. Continue reading “Christmas Fireplace”


Why Origami

Origami is one of those activities I sometimes enjoy more than my kids, it’s a great activity to do when the weather is wet or cold outside, the animals and shapes we make usually leads to some other type of activity, such as a puppet show, or building a Zoo or Ark. Continue reading “Origami”

Sourdough Starter

Why Sourdough?

Sourdough bread would have to be my favourite. If it were available to me, I would eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But the cost of it can be inhibiting, along with the fact that it doesn’t have any preservatives in the ingredient list; making its shelf life shortened, when compared to the other breads I’ve made. Continue reading “Sourdough Starter”